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Bryan Adams | Hear The World

Musician and photographer Bryan Adams is bringing his Hear the World photography exhibition to London. It is open at the Saatchi Gallery on 22nd July 2009 through to 26th July and is free to view by the general public – please see video below

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Online tinnitus gallery

I have been building over the last few weeks an online application that allows people to paint their reactions to their tinnitus, and to then upload their picture to an online gallery to share with other people. Sometimes it is hard to express verbally on how tinnitus is effecting our lives, through painting we can express our-self using colour and texture – and as they say – a picture is worth a thousand words. Continue Reading »

Ok – Some people on the RNID forum asked to see some pics of my wearable “bed-phones” I made – so here we go.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics of me wearing them as this would have lead to the fashion police on my case – and also leave me open to blackmail plots ;0 Continue Reading »

Residual Inhibition

There is a phenomena in tinnitus research which is little understood but very interesting called “residual inhibition”. Residual inhibition is the suppression of tinnitus by using a masking sound or pulse which masks the sound of the tinnitus and produces a reduction in the volume of the tinnitus when the device is turned off. The length of the tinnitus reduction Continue Reading »

Newcastle Tinnitus Study

On Thursday I travelled up to Newcastle to take part in a tinnitus research trial run by Dr Will Sedley. This trial needed volunteers who could change their tinnitus by clenching their jaws or by other muscular movements. The volunteers would then by wired up to an EEG machine and their brainwaves monitored as they react to various stimuli. Continue Reading »

Tinnitus Interview Videos

Thanks to Jack Moule who e-mailed me these video interviews he has made talking with some of the UK’s leading tinnitus scientists. He produced these videos to give people an insight into the current information regarding tinnitus research and to help raise awareness of tinnitus funding. Continue Reading »

Free Masking Sound Files

I would like to share with you here some sound files that I have created that can help mask your tinnitus . One of the files was recorded down at my local beach “Costa Del Cleethorpes”, here I picked up some nice wave breaking sounds in high quality stereo. I find the sounds of the sea very soothing and its nice to have Continue Reading »

Tone Therapy Application

Here is a little pulse therapy application I made that I am offering up for free use on this blog. This application works on the principle of residual Inhibition – Instructions for use and description of pulses can be found below the application. Please feel free to leave comments after using it such as what tones help you best etc —-  The working application can be found directly beneath this text — The application is a flash application — viewers on iphone will not be able to view this app as apple blocks the flash plugin. — enjoy

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As a “truth seeker” there’s nothing that ruffles my feathers more, than the mention of homeopathic medicine. This totally unscientific form of treating illness is rampant on the Internet and these snake oil peddlers are particularly drawn towards desperate tinnitus sufferers. Do any search for “tinnitus cure” on the Internet and you will find a plethora of homeopathic pills and potions that swear to Continue Reading »

Lidocaine and Tinnitus

Although as yet there is no drug cure for tinnitus, there is one called lidocaine (also known as lignocaine or xylocaine) which has been shown to temporarily reduce or banish tinnitus.

What is Lidocaine ?

Lidocaine is a common Continue Reading »

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